We want you to be the best pet parents ever!! Our mission is to provide all the information you need to be that perfect parent. What’s good or not in your dog’s food or how to puppy proof your home, you can find it here. What’s good for your chickens?  What should not be fed to your goats? We have the answer. We’re here for you!

Bringing Your Pigs Home

Introducing Suzanne!

A blogger from Critter Corner has released her first, informative installment on how raising pigs isn’t just about selling meat, but also about producing your own groceries….

Feeding Backyard Birds

Should We?

Watching birds can provide enjoyment for people of all ages. Attracting birds in the winter months can provide the birds’ water, food and shelter from strong weather….

Is Your Dog's Food Healthy?

Labels: What Do They Say?

Do we always check the back label of our dog’s food?  Some of us do, and more and more of pet owners are becoming more aware of what their pet is eating….

Turtle Care

Your child wants a turtle?

Turtles and tortoises are endearing animals and many kids want them as pets. However, these animals are reptiles and require specific care by their new owners…..

How to Winterize Your Coop

With winter upon us….

I have been asked a lot of questions about how to take care of chickens during the winter months. Many people think this is a difficult task, however, a little preparation….

My 4-H Journey

Why 4-H over other organizations?

Read the heart-felt essay from Chloe Schrader, high school student and long-time 4-H participant. Learn how she tends her sheep and why she does what she does…..

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