We all want to be the best pet parents ever!!   You can find all the information you need here. To find out what is good or not in your dog’s food or how to puppy proof your home, you can find it here. What’s good for your chickens?  What should not be fed to your goats? Your answers will be here.  If you would like information on a subject you are concerned about, please leave us a comment or an email and we will post the answer here!!

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

What you should know……….

We all believe strongly that we should protect our furry family members as best we can.  I feel it is important for my readers to know why vaccinations are important….

Feeding Backyard Birds

Should We?

Watching birds can provide enjoyment for people of all ages. Attracting birds in the winter months can provide the birds’ water, food and shelter from strong weather….

Is Your Dog's Food Healthy?

Labels: Do We Know What They Say?

Do we always check the back label of our dog’s food?  Some of us do, and more and more of pet owners are becoming more aware of what their pet is eating….


Farm fresh eggs in the morning?

There’s nothing like fresh eggs, the taste is different, the consistency of the yoke, and the white is different.  Just nothing like it!  But you live in the city?  What to do then…. 

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